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Places and forms of power : the utility and dangers of power

Résumé : Places and forms of power : the utility and dangers of power. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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introduction; I’m going to deal with the notion « Places and forms of power ». First, I'd like to give a definition of the notion. Power is the ability to exercise authority and influence over others. It can be exerted in different spheres : economy, politics, media…

problematique; the utility and dangers of power.

to begin i’m going to talk about a game we played in class then i will talk about the facial recognition in china and the consequences of it

first part


---first of all the political power is useful and indispensable to solve the problems (wars, problems requiring laws ...)

we played a game,Executive Command in class where we were the president for four years. we had different tasks like going to the congress and give speeches, sign or veto laws

if our country were in war we have to send the correct military help for instance if there was an air attack we have to send the air force or if there were an attack on the border we have to send the cost guards

moreover when an other president invite us we have to take our private plane and go or send our secretary if there were lots of mission to do inside the country

we have to take the benevolent choices and we gain popularity and amdime from the citizens for exemple everyone have access to medical care or reduce the cost of colleges or give scholarship to student and they can go to the college of their dreams---

second part


---however there is also risks of power such as the facial recognition in china as we know the chinese government uses technology to control the whole country

one the one hand china is the world’s leader in the use of this emerging technology with facial recognition you can already withdraw cash, check in at airports and pay for goods using just your face

the company YITU hopes for a safer,faster and healthier world

on the other hand the chinese government has ambitious plans to develop a vast national surveillance system based on facial recognition

a hundred and seventy millions CCTV cameras are already in place and four hundred millions will be installed over the 3 next years

for authority this program will allow them to improve security for citizens

but not everyone is convinced, a former magazine editor who was ousted by the gov says that surveillance cameras are everywhere, he feels like he’s under constant surveillance

already the authority are using face recog to name and shame citizens even the minor offenses like jaywalking

some people are worried that as the technology develops so too does the capacity for it to be abused

for the former magazine editor it’s like entering a state of totalitarianism ---


to conclude the bills of right can be a solution it’s a part of the american constitution that guarantees personal


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