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Idea of progress: the question : “How Idea of Progress can be describe in the USA since eighteenth century (18eme) to today ?”

Dissertation : Idea of progress: the question : “How Idea of Progress can be describe in the USA since eighteenth century (18eme) to today ?”. Recherche parmi 240 000+ dissertations

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Idea of Progress

Today, we are going to talk the notion Idea of Progress. Progress can be defined as a technical, scientific or social advance which contributes to improve human life. It can be a change or development for example. So we can ask the question : “How Idea of Progress can be describe in the USA since eighteenth century (18eme) to today ?”
First, I will see social, technical and communicate progress. Then, I will explain the limits of these progress.

To answer our question, I will use some documents : key dates, founding texts and web site.


        In 1776, the USA proclaim their independence towards the Europeans settlers in text called “Declaration of Independence”. This text promise that all human are equal thanks to their creator. And since the founding text, the USA society known many social advances.
- In fact, in the nineteenth century, the president of the USA Abraham LINCOLN abolished slavery.
There was also the right to vote for all citizens whatever their skin color written in the Constitution of USA.
In 1955 (nineteen fifty-five), the Montgomery Bus Boycott protest launched by the pasteur MLK succeeded to make a stop to racial segregation in public transports.
After, the Civil Right Act outlaws discrimination (base on color, religion, sex or national origin).
I think the mentalities advances are shown by Barack OBAMA, the first black president in 2009 in a country which discriminated colored people.  

There are also many technical advances. In fact, USA seduced people and give an impression that all was born over there.
The first car mass-produced was the Ford T, and his creation generated a high economic growth.

Louis AMSTRONG is the first man walk on the moon.

The USA is the one of the first country to control the nuclear/atomic weapon.

But in actual society, they still are inequalities and regress that traduce limits of USA progress.


        Despite laws which improve the situation of people, they still are social problems. The minorities are not integrated.

Indeed black people the first minority are still victims of violence and poverty.

There are others minorities like Italian living “Little Italy” and Chinese living “China Town”.

And in the south of USA, hispanic people also grouped between them in Florida and California.  They are not integrated because people are stigmatize undesirable people .

Even if discrimination is illegal, USA people is too far of melting pot. Equality between white people and others people are questioned.

-There also are environmental problems.
In fact when Donald TRUMP come to power, he took off the USA of the Kyoto protocol. Protocol's objective is to limit pollution around all the world of 5 %. This action make a stop at climate protection, because they consume a lot of oil, USA is nicknamed “the ogre”.


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