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Coca-Cola Company is one of the largest companies in the soft drinks and one of the largest U.S. companies.

For 2012 it is the 3rd food company in the world.

Its seat is in Atlanta Georgia, in the the southeast of United States and its Chief Executive is Muhtar Kent.

Cola is surely one of the most popular brands in the world.

More than 18,000 Coca served or sold every second in the world, which gives 1.6 billion cans or bottles per day, for a turnover of 29 billion dollars.

This mythic drink of the mark is can be the most sold but it has effects on the human organism.

This drink is nutritionally useless. This is only sugar water with additives. There are 212 grams per 2 liters of cola. Sugar can cause adverse health effects and cause diabetes, obesity and tooth decay.

They increase the risk of obesity, diabetic, develop caries.

They can cause osteoporosis and slow the growth of bone.

These drinks are dangerous to the kidneys, liver and pancreas but also for the functioning of the digestive tract


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