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Arretes de prendre le phone Melanie FORMS AND PLACES OF POWER

What do we mean by Power ?

Power is the faculty or capacity to change or to influence something or someone.

yet, I’ll try to explain you a particular case of power : how does sport have the power to change history ?

We’ll deal with this question on different scales : the change on a person’s life and the change on all a nation.

1-the change on a person life : I have choose to talk to you about Oscar Pistorius’life :

O. Pistorius is an athlete amputated of his two legs who has managed to impose himself in the handisport and has win six golden medals in paralympic games. After he has decided to run with valids sportmen and win a silver medal at the worlchampionship.

This man is a real example of the power of sport because it shows that even you are disabled, sport can change your life.

2- the change on the history : I have chosen the case of SouthAfrica and how Nelson Mandela has managed to gather all the nation, I mean Black and White people during the World Rugby Cup in 1994. At this time, it was the Apartheid and with him all the people have fogotten their difference to support all together their team “ the Springbokkes”. It was thanks to Nelson Mandela and his social policy who has done his max to make black people accept the national team which was composed essentially by white men (only one black).

In conclusion I think that sometimes the power of sport is bewond the policy and racism.


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