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The evolving landscape of american media: WikiLeaks, Whistleblowers, and the battle for information

Analyse sectorielle : The evolving landscape of american media: WikiLeaks, Whistleblowers, and the battle for information. Recherche parmi 298 000+ dissertations

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The Evolving Landscape of American Media: WikiLeaks, Whistleblowers, and the Battle for Information

Medias are one of the 5 powers estates : it is the fourth one, the others being the executive, the legislative and the judiciary. The media internet are considered to be the fifth estate. So medias and internet medias occupy two places : we can thus consider them extremely powerful.

American media is diverse and incluses television, radio, print, and internet media.

Recently, the role of whistleblowers and the impact of WikiLeaks have reshaped the way information is given, challenging traditional norms of journalism and raising debates on issues such as bias, transparency, and corporate influence.

WikiLeaks is the main Whistleblower Platform. Founded by Julian Assange, the organization became famous for publishing confidential documents, classified information on government and big corporations.

Also, the rise of Internet Media with a plethora of online media sites has reshaped the landscape of traditional medias. The question of credible information given by these sites can be raised.

Moreover, we have to mention the role and the influence of big Corporations on Media. Indeed, it raises questions about journalistic independence since only few corporations detain a high number of medias. We can ask us questions about the potential corporate interests to influence news coverage.

Concerning the Independent Journalism: because of the accusation of bias and corporate influence, independent medias are gaining importance : they prioritize transparency and impartial reporting free from external corporate pressures.

In conclusion, the landscape of American media is going through a profound transformation, driven by the influence of whistleblowers, the evolution of classified information dissemination, the concerns about bias, the role of corporations, and the rise of independent and online media.


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