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The idea of progress : How does the social situation of black people evolved since slavery to this day ?

Cours : The idea of progress : How does the social situation of black people evolved since slavery to this day ?. Recherche parmi 296 000+ dissertations

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I'm going to talk about the notion of progress. First I define the notion of idea of progress. The idea of progress can be defined as an improvement, a development or a change. A technical, scientific and social advance contributes

In class we studied various documents about the evolution of black people's rights in the American society. Therefore we will try to answer following question (How does the) (In what way is the) social situation of blacks people's did it evolve since slavery to this day?

First we will deal with colored people's oppression in society before 1964 and then we will see how progress has made.

Slavery exist since antiquity. He step cross eras and black slavery arrived in America in the 17th centuries.     We study in class this period thanks to the exctract from Django Unchained. The document show us the violence towards slaves in plantations. Indeed the extract when Britlle's bro

whipped Django's wife it's very shocking. We can understand horror of segregation and the impotence of black people during this period

Despite abolition of slavery in 1848 injustices oppression has continued in American society. Segregation appears in1875

                    The movie Mississippi burning tell us that racism are still anchored, black people are victims of the violence of KKK. Theirs homes are buried, some people are hit and others are execute. KKK was one of the biggest criminal group in the world, its members was anti Black. It was persons who felt hatred against blacks, they where conducting action to insult torture and kills them so that they're scared and were not be equal to the whites.

                    We have also seen with video about JCL that black people was isolated, they were separated of whites people in transports, public places, school...They are exclude from society.

Thanks to Civil Right Movement symbolized by great personalities like Martin Luther King or  Rosa Parks their life situations and their place in society has been considerably improved

                     Indeed we studied a text about Rosa Parks and her story in the bus of Montgomery. This person is an icon in the civil right movment. Thanks to her many peoples rose and rebelled against racial segregation

                     We can also speak about of the importance of Freedoms Riders, they were veritable fighter of civils rights. They risked their lives against the KKK and had suffered violence, hatred and insults to propagate desegregation

                      In class, we have see a video about Ruby bridges. She was the first child black to integrate white man's school. She became an icon of the fight against racism unknowingly, it allowed little by little that black and white people could attend the same schools

    These peoples ares heroes anchored in the history of fight against racism. Thanks to them mentalities were have evolved and black people can become more free.

                      Finally one of the personalities most important in the history of the fight against racism was Lincoln. We did an presentation about him and I think we can speak about him as a person very courageous and talented who has succeeded to  govern his country at war and take the most important decision to abolished slavery


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