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The development of the French executive : Endogenous Americanization

Dissertation : The development of the French executive : Endogenous Americanization. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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The development of the French executive : Endogenous Americanization

        The United States is regularly cited as an example or repellent by the French political class, both in political programs and in practice, so much so that one can wonder about an Americanization of French politics. However, this trend has increased in recent years, especially on the occasion of elections. Already in 2007, the American factor played an important role in the presidential campaign. But it is especially in the use of the media, the importance of the image and the accumulation of slogans that this Americanization of the presidential election was very clear.

        The bipolarization of political life is also strongly anchored in mentalities across the Atlantic. It is nonetheless an evolving trend in France, particularly in recent years, largely in response to the result of the first round of the 2002 presidential election. The possibility of a third force emerging is often wiped out by this phenomenon, and the temptation of a "useful vote" which has the effect of reinforcing this bipolarization. It is, however, an Americanization of French politics which a priori has no reason to be, due to the two-round system (which does not exist in the United States). This bipolarization translates, as in the United States, into very large campaign expenses, and this is another aspect of the Americanization of French politics: the weight of money in the election. Finally, the appearance of the quinquennium is another mark of Americanization. By proposing that the duration of the presidential mandate goes from seven to five years, Jacques Chirac did not only change the presidential function towards a principle of "almost perpetual campaign", as in the United States. The idea that it would be improper to hold three consecutive terms has almost naturally emerged. It is a political practice that comes directly from Washington. If we add to this the fact that the presidential election is now in France proposed almost simultaneously with a legislative election, in order to avoid situations of cohabitation, we again find a very American practice which imposes necessary questions about Americanization of French politics, and its consequences.


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