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The holy city of Varanasi would lend itself to the project outlined

Dissertation : The holy city of Varanasi would lend itself to the project outlined. Recherche parmi 280 000+ dissertations

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The holy city of Varanasi would lend itself to the project outlined. The majestic river Ganges flows through the town and reflects

its many monuments. There is an abundance of temples, every street corner offers beautiful buildings. The famous Ghats

leading pilgrims to the water are an ideal backdrop (décor) that could be used for romantic scenes. Please consult the photos

enclosed with this report.

It seems that night time would be a particularly suitable time to shoot one of the romantic scenes. Not only the moon shines big

over the water, but thousands of lights are floated on the river, giving a mysterious atmosphere. The second scene could be

done early in the morning, when the mist lifts and the palaces and temples slowly emerge in the rising sun. The sound of temple

bells and prayers adds to the peaceful surroundings.

The crowded scene will cause no difficulty as the city is busy all year round with masses of people milling around the streets.

The elephants can be hired on the spot and some of these animals are stars in their own rights and may be quite expensive to

budget for. There will be no shortage of volunteers for the crowd scenes. Indians are very fond of the cinema and the smallest

opportunity to appear, even for a fleeting moment in a film, is eagerly seized.

However, some problems will have to be studied before hand: precisely because Varanasi is a holy city, one will have to be

careful not to interfere with rites, in particular cremations. The religious sensitivity of people must be preserved. Another difficulty

is working in crowded conditions, when ensuring the safety of stars may not be easy, even with the help of the local police.

Something will have to be done at times, concerning traffic which is unruly and can choke streets for long periods. A detailed

study of accommodation available must be carried out to make sure the best suites are reserved in good time.

The finance department will have to make a provisional budget taking into account the points raised above.


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