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Myths and heroes: What's

Dissertation : Myths and heroes: What's. Recherche parmi 236 000+ dissertations

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I’m going to talk about the notion of myths and heroes. I’d like to begin by giving à definition of this notion: as the human condition in general, its history passed on at first orally and often embodied by a hero, a place or a community. Then a hero can be a mythological figure, a person who is admired for his or her achievements, a superhero or maybe a role model or an icon. My topic is the heroes in our society since the XX century. In order to illustrate this notion I will try to answer the question: What is à hero in our society. I would first like to concentrate on who are the heroes and then I will move on to the differents types of heroes. I will try to answer the question: What is à hero in our society. I would first like to concentrate on who are the heroes then I will move on à different vision of heroes.

I) Who are the heroes

On one hand, at the beginning of the XXth century the Men the most characterized by the status of hero were sportsmen, like Jesse Owens who was an American athlete considered as the first black sportsman of international fame. According to the document named Jesse Owens and went out in Time we know that in the games of Berlin in nineteen-thirty six, in a context of interwar period of racism and with an ideology Nazis who develop more and more, Jesse Owens have won 4 silver medals in 4 different disciplines. Thanks to his numerous victories, he became the first black athlete internationally recognized and accepted by public German, we knew that he had risen on the podium surrounded with people made the Nazi sign. We can even say that these victories came to put a blow in the machine of distribution. Due to his exploits in this very particular context of the Olympics of Berlin, that's why we can describe Jesse Owens as a hero. After him many more athletes followed him as Carl Lewis or still Mike Powell. The sportsmen the most hardly or the bravest fighters of the beginning of the 20th century was often qualified as heroes thanks to their performances impressives.

II) different of hero

On the other hand, now few athletes are considered as heroes but of new kinds of hero appeared like the whistle-blowers. The most known of them arise from Wikileaks a non-governmental organization which aims at publishing confidential documents as well as political and social analyses at the world level, they are generally diffused by means of the international newspapers. As we can notice it on the photo where appear 4 members of Wikileaks, we see that they bearing anonymous masks demonstrating for freedom. Their situation is sometimes opposite; everything depends on the country they are considered like heroes and others as traitors. Moreover, now when we can search for heroes in the bar of search to google, we find directly superheroes.

Thus to conclude, before the bravest fighters or sportiste were qualified as heroes but now the notion of heroes has evolved and more considered as a hero the people with superpowers.


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