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Myths and Heroes: what makes a hero?

Fiche : Myths and Heroes: what makes a hero?. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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Myths and Heroes

Many myths with new heroes are created over the ages. It depends on the culture, the time, the context. A hero makes extraordinary thing and help the others.

We may wonder what makes a hero.

Frist, the most famous heroes are fictional characters.

Besides, in our everyday life we can find many heroes too.

Finally, we’ll see the difference between our world and comic strips.

        1 – First, many fictional heroes were created in comic strips to fight the Nazis during WWII. Captain America first and Wonder woman. They have superpowers. They always win. It’s the story of the goods versus the villains. It’s the utopian society. The villains are always defeated. The society is protected from violence and crime.

        2 – However in real life, heroes don’t have superpowers. For example Diane Latiker fought to help the teens in her neighbourhood in Roseland. She prevents the kids form joining gangs. She is a real hero. She succeeds thanks to her courage and determination.

But some heroes are sometimes ambiguous like the soldier in the song “Hero of war” by Rise Against. He is a war hero but he doesn’t consider himself a war hero because he killed on innocent woman. He also tortured. He followed the orders. He can be considered a antihero. He has flaws. Besides he has lost his sense of patriotism.

        3 – Finally, superhero stories are close to our story. They often suffered from a tragic event during their childhood. For example Batman’s parents were killed. That’s why they help the others.

        But in the real world, there is no opposition between the goods and the villains. It’s ambiguous. The heroes have flaws like us. That’s why we identify to them.

         To conclude, heroes are fictional or real but fictional heroes don’t represent the reality. Superheroes make us dream but it’s different in our daily life. In our world, some heroes have flaws. That’s why they look more real.


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