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Myths and heroes: what role plays the myths and heroes in the culture other tradition of a country?

Dissertation : Myths and heroes: what role plays the myths and heroes in the culture other tradition of a country?. Recherche parmi 241 000+ dissertations

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Myths and heroes

A myth can be defined as a story which can be true or not. It can be a popular belief or a tradition where there are gods and in which heroes are born. A hero or a heroin is somebody who saves life and helps people in need even if he risks his own life. It is often someone who is endowed with many qualities such as courage, loyalty or also modest. Moreover, it is somebody we know because of what he did. He becomes hero after having accomplish many hard obstacles in his life which have positive impact for the future.

So we can wonder What role plays the myths and heroes in the culture other tradition of a country?

In one hand

There are several myths in the world which are sometimes appropriate to each country. These myths are one of the most important characteristics of a country. The history of a country can be characterized by the tradition and also myths which give a cultures appropriate to each. The countries the most centered on the religion or the tradition have a lot of myths to tell for the new generations. Bolivia is a very religious country and has different traditional festivals in honour of many myth. For instance there is a very known myth of Bolivia which celebrated the carnival of Oruro . A man who was called “ Huari” an half God fell in love with a beautiful woman named “ Aurora” who is the daughter of the sun . However she didn’t love him. So to take revenge he sent ………….. in the city of Oruro to destroy it : A giant frog, a snake , a lizard and a huge troop of ants. Fortunately the beautiful Aurora was able to petrify them. The lover “Huari” gave up and hurt in his pride so he decided to let himself die.

From this myth is born a hero who is very important in the culture of Bolivia. So the hero is the base of a country's culture that is transmitted to the next generation.  

Those characters give a first meaning to the history of a land. We admire them for what they made and brought to our country. Each hero is a pillar who can enrich his country with spiritual ideas that are linked to this land. This is the way a country differs from another one, because every land in a different history to be told us. Those mythic heroes are important to the inhabitants of the country because they are considered as their guides influencing and leading their way of life        

Aurora may be seen as a heroine by what she accomplished to save the city of Oruro. Her godly power given by her dad permited her to be the stranger than Huari. However, it’s exist other type of hero in the daily life without godly power. For instence MLK was a civil rights activist in the 60’s. He help non-violent protests to faight for the rights of all people especialy african americans. He hoped that america and the world could become a society where race wouldn’t impact a person’s civil right. So in 1963 MLK helped to organize the famous march on Washington. They hoped for an end to segregation in public schools and to show the importance of civil right legislation. It’s was at this march where MLK gave his « I have a dream » speech which is one o the most famours speechis in the history. The march and M’s seech were a succes. The civil right act was passed a year later in 1964. So through this 2 exemple of heros we can see that a at the beginning a hero is normal person who overcome saveral obstacles to be real a hero.


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