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Myths and Heroes: what is a hero?

Fiche : Myths and Heroes: what is a hero?. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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Myths and Heroes

Heroes are everywhere. Every day there are news heroes.

But what does that really a hero ? it’s a person who is admired

for his or her acts, a superhero, a model or again a icon. while

a myth can be defined as a story about gods or heroes, it can

be an tradition or an false idea. So it is to know, how the

myths and heroes affect the people ? To answer this question, i

will present two documents.

We all need a hero in our lives, the heroes sell of the dream. In

the document 1 "What a hero is ? ” with Jefferson and Grant,

Grant told Jeff that he can be a hero, because he do dreaming

all the childrens , he is a model for them .The Heroes give us

hope, in Document 4 " I have a dream", one can see that with

his speech "I Have a Dream", Martin Luther King dream of a

world where everyone would be equal, that black people and

white people could live together without there are have one

above the others. Which shows that these are the acts of the

man who determines whether or not it is a hero, a hero is not

necessarily someone with magical powers

There are not that positive impact, there are negative points on

the myths. For example, in document 1, you can see the whites

believed blacks knew nothing, had no feelings, not feel

anything, while that is only a myth. though later the blacks

knew that this was wrong and a myth but they have continued

to say that they do not want to mix with the blacks. During

segregation in the United States, blacks and whites were not

equal, the blacks were even killed by whites and the

government has not said anything.

Myths and heroes affect people positively but also negatively.

Negatively because they can believe in a story that is not

necessarily true and and tell the future generation so that the

hard history. And positively because they can identify with the

hero and learn a lot of on him .


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