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The idea of progress : does music onely have postive aspects ?

Fiche : The idea of progress : does music onely have postive aspects ?. Recherche parmi 236 000+ dissertations

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Oral d’anglais notion 2

Today through the theme of music we will talk about the notion idea of progress. Music or even its use has been evolving for several years now. That’s why we’ll ask ourselves if music has only positive aspects for society? So, in a first step we will study the positive aspects of music then in a second time we will see the harmful effects.

In the first part, we will see the positive aspect of music. Of course, the majority people see music as something good.                                                                                                                                                                                                 My first document is an oral comprehension which is called why we listen to music. Through this audio we can understand that after researching three main reasons emerge from why we listen to music. These three reasons are: to remember important moments, for activities and finally to intensify emotions. This document allows us to become aware of all the different aspects of music, what it can make us feel, or even emit to us. For me, this testimony indeed shows the usefulness of music in our lives in addition to the benefits it gives to us.

My second document is a report followed by an interview on RTE news. The report takes place in Ireland in Dublin during Christmas. The name of this project is High hopes choir for the homeless people. The aim of this event is to touch hearts and brought the issue of homelessness to everybody. The group Kodaline support this project more precisely Steve Garrigan. The leader of this project is David Brophy. In my opinion, this project should be better known since it combines music wit the homeless. In addition, for people living outside, music becomes a blessing.

        But unfortunately the music does not only positive points is what we will see in a second part.

This second part will allow us to show the harmful aspects of music. Through this document which is an article published on a blog we discovered the negative aspects of music. We are then told of soldiers during the war with the intensity of music which can then cause sleep disturbances or even behavior. Music is seen as torture but later in the article we are told about the neutral value of music which can then comfort us. For me, music listening at a certain intensity can influence behavior.

In conclusion, I would say that music has mostly positive aspects on our behavior for us to remember good times or even memories or to accentuate certain emotions like at a party with lively music but sometimes the music listening at an intensity too high can lead to bad behavior. In the next few years may music become a therapy?



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