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Spaces and exchanges : is the Trump Wall useful?

Fiche : Spaces and exchanges : is the Trump Wall useful?. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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Introduction :

 I'm going to talk about the notion Spaces and exchanges. To begin with, I'd like to give a definition of exchange. The different spaces of the world are nowadays more and more connected to each other. The exchanges can appear on many forms: people, trade, information . The immigration is linked to this notion as it implies the motion of legal and illegal people to other countries. Immigration: from dream to disillusion. I’m going to talk about people, more precisely the immigration, in United States, which some of them are legal and others illegal. 

Problématique : Is the Trump Wall useful?

Plan détaillé :

I-The motivations of people to immigrate to the USA                                                                                      The American Dream  

Highlight Mexican immigration with the parody drawing

Immigrate to ensure a better life for your family

II-The construction of a wall to counter this immigration

A wall to protect the population and limited drug trafficking

A wall that is disputed and that seems to be useless

Jr's work on Trump's wall and interviews of opponents to project, highlight the discontent of Americans and the rest of the world

III- The paradoxical immigration policy

Americans want to ban illegal immigration but they need them to have cheap labor

Reusing mexican's drawing against the wall to criticize trump's immigration policy

Conclusion : 

To conlude, the immigration from Mexico to the United States can be a good thing for Mexicans who want to reach to the American Dream, but miserably they have to risk their lives for it.

That point is a horrible point. In my point of view, this wall shouldn’t exist. People are free. Prevent people to live their lives is inacceptable


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