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Spaces and exchanges : is the development of tourisme always beneficial

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Notion 3:Spaces and exchanges

 I'm going to talk about the notion “spaces and exchanges”. Firstly, it's important to know that spaces match with the different countries and societies . Then, the exchanges are the migratory cultural, economic or linguistic. This notion deals with the geographical and symbolic areas that all societies occupy. Thus, I'm going to illustrate this nation talking about the tourism . In this way, I will answer to the following question : Is the development of tourism always beneficial ? Thereby, firstly, I'm going to talk about the positive aspects of tourism and then about the negative aspects of tourism.

In a first time, it's possible to see that there are positive aspects of the development of tourism. Indeed, the tourism is a way for locals to share their cultures by staying at local’s houses for example ,so it's bringing them money. Another positive aspect is the possibility to discover other cultures, landscapes and people. For example, it exists the slum tourism which consists in visiting a poor district of a town like visiting a museum; it Could be a good form of tourism because it’s important to see conditions of life of people in the World. There is also the dark tourism. It’s visiting places of tragedies, disasters and death, the benefits of this type of tourism are the possibility to understand what happened and you can feel the atmosphere for real, it's not the same as a museum. In addition, a positive aspect of tourism is the voluntourism. This type of tourism consists in working as a volunteer to help people in the places you visit like pick- up trash, serve meals or doing humanitarian aid. Finally, the fact that tourism creates jobs and

boosts economy is a positive aspect .For example the tourism has increased where the landscapes are used in famous moves. That's the case in Northern Ireland for the TV show Game of Thrones or for a scene in the last Star Wars movie.

I will finish my report talking  about the negative aspects of the tourism. Indeed, in most cases, the tourism isn’t respectful of the environment. For example, because of globalization and the search of new sensations, there are more and more people trying to climb the Mount Everest; it’s compared to mass tourism and has huge consequences on the environment. Mass tourism generates also economics issues : for example, companies like Airbnb or Uber “steal” customers of local houses rent and basic taxis. So ,mass tourism has bad economics and environmental consequences. Another bad aspect of the tourism is in case of slum tourism. Indeed, in this case of tourism, inhabitants could feel uncomfortable and they may feel they are considered like animals in zoo or like object of curiosity. So, it could be considerate. For the local, the disadvantages are the fact that they don't always feel home and the fact that they don't always take advantage of the income generated by tourism. Finally, others negative aspects of the tourism for the environment are the degradation of landscapes by infrastructures and the over consumption of natural resources like the water in Las Vegas.

As a conclusion it’s possible to see that there are at once negative and positive aspects of the development of tourism. Because tourism is a good way to have new experiences and good time ,we must search new methods to avoid the destruction of the environment and also ,keep this good thing in our lives.


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