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Places And Forms Of Powers

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e situation today? These are the questions we'll deal with now, but first, a short historical reminder.

In 1948, Apartheid was chosen as the official political regime in South Africa. Apartheid means separation, segregation: Blacks and Whites were separated and had not the same rights.

In the 1990s, Apartheid came to an end with the liberation of Nelson Mandela (who spent 27 years in prison) and his election as the first Black president in South Africa, in 1994 ()Extraits [...] Obviously it's going to take time. III)South Africa Today An illustration of the progress and the limits of Post-Apartheid South Africa. On the one side : a country which is free and in which all citizens are officially equal. A country that has reached international recognition after 30 years of boycott, as attested by the organisation of the football worldcup in which is also a sign that South Africa is a country wealthy enough to afford that kind of event. [...]

[...] The criminality is also very high particularly in the ghettoes. (see also police violence) Conclusion : Is Apartheid really over in South Africa ? We could easily say yes of course, if we consider political Apartheid only. But Apartheid is an insinuous phenomenon that can take several shapes, and today it seems to be more social than political. The rich are still the Whit


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