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Oraux, Places and forms of powers

TD : Oraux, Places and forms of powers. Recherche parmi 291 000+ dissertations

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Places and forms of powers :

The notion of powers is the autority or the control that some people have overother people. So the excercie of power within in a society demands that-all it's member conform to respect law and order in order to get social cohesion. But the question we may wonder is how we can get free and independent in such society.

Can education be one of those means ?

This is what we shall see. First we are going to study the good side of the school. Then we are going to show that the school has also negatie side and to conclude we shall wonder what is the purpose of the parents in the education.

When we think of education we can make the link with the school. The school is compulsory to exist in our society. Indeed the children learn to live with the other,to share. Their education is made at the shcool since the youngest old. We teach them the respect, the respect is one of the most important value for get a social cohesion and for avoid breakdown of social structure.Moreover the school can be an asset for get free and indepedent because the school brings a knowledge to the student. And with his knowledge many people decide to prosue their studies consequently they go to the university for get a degrees, it may be useful to earn a decent salary and a good our society have a job it's a form of independance.


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