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Beckham backs anti-bullying drive

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                Beckham backs anti-bullying drive

        England football captain David Beckham has presented the one millionth pupil wristband in the national "Beat Bullying" campaign.

        The blue plastic bands, which children and adults wear to show solidarity against bullying of all kinds, have been available since November. The cause was "close to my and every parent's heart", Mr Beckham said. He presented the band to 13-year-old Jess Sparrow, of Northwich, Cheshire, who herself overcame bullying.

'Great honour'

         Beckham said it was "a great honour". He added: "Bullying is something we all have responsibility to stamp out."

Jess – a Manchester United and Beckham fan - told the BBC News website how a gang of girls had shoved fire doors in her face, thrown bottles at her and abused her over five months. She ended up with stomach aches and got to the point where she dreaded going to school. "I just didn't feel like it was right to tell people," she said. "I felt that is was my fault." After hearing about the campaign she changed her mind and told her mother Diane, who went to the school.

The bullies were suspended for a day and threatened with a school move if they did it again. Jess is now set to be a "bullying mentor" from next year, to help others in the same situation. "If there is somebody they [bullying victims] can trust then they must tell them, because it will get better," she said.


        Schools minister Stephen Twigg said the campaign organised by BBC Radio 1 and backed by the government had been a success.

"By making this stand young people have shown their determination to stand by their friends and beat bullying in schools. "We will continue to support all young people in our drive against bullying and all forms of bad behaviour schools."

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