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Anglais, space and exchanges.

TD : Anglais, space and exchanges.. Recherche parmi 296 000+ dissertations

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Space and Exchanges:

Now, I present you the notion “Space and exchanges”, I’m going to give definition of this notion: “space and exchange” is about to discover new space and new territories, and to discover new citizenship and immigration.

The population of Canada and Inuit’s problem whith gouvernment.

Firstly, we will see feature of Canada and secondly, we will see the population of Canada and the differencer between north population.

In a this part, we will see the canadian country and her difference.

Canada is the second largest country in the xorld after Russia. There is a population varies density betxeen the south and the north, the north is sparsely populated whereas the south is more densely populated. This can be explain by the harsh climate of Northern Canada; People may be settled in the south because there are advantage of over more temperate climate of its proximity whith the United States whith easier exchanges,

But in Canada,there are problems whith the population: whith one girl and her mother who want to visit Laetitia, the girl’s sister, who lives in Salt LakeCity,Utah; but when they arrive at the border, they are stopped by a guard, The mother refuses to acknowledge that she is canadian and she keeps repeating the she is Blackfoot; Consequently the narrator and his mother stuck 2~days, in the no-man’s-days between Canada and Usa; the problem resolved thanks to the media. And other problem is whith Inuit’s population...

And in this part we will see the northern population of Canada: the Inuit who live in Nunavut and one experience made by the canadian government.

The problem whith inuit is that This population want their independence because they have a different culture but the canadian government doesn’t want.

The Inuit livein the north of Canada and they are not integrated whith south canada people.

The government canadian in the 1960s made an experiment cultural: Nine inuit have been removed from their family and had integrate them into xestern families and to erase their roots but nox a days, this childs are adult and demand justice for their stolen childhood. This experiment reveals that the inuit have underwent one sided exchanges through times.

To conclude, we can consider that the globalisation have massive role in terms of exchange, indeed Canada is a big country that can share this whith all earth,but nowaday they want independence and exchange whith the south is firm.


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