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Oral Anglais : Spaces and exchanges

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Space and exchanges

The notion i’m going to talk about (to deal with) is space and exchanges.

First at all, i’d like to define the notion : the exchange is the act of giving and receiving something else in return.

There are differents kinds of exchange : information, people, media.. 

To illustrate the notion, i have chosen to talk about immigration in the USA.

Firstly, i will talk about the immigration in the past.

In the 19th century, millions of people from all over the world took the decision to immigrate to the USA  in pursuit of what is called the american dream : the chance to have a new and a better life.

Up until the 1950’s Ellis Island was the link between immigrants and theirs dreams. The immigrants were sent to this island before NY to check if they weren’t sick or too poor.

Immigrants went through several tests like health or psychological tests to decide if they could enter in the USA.

Since 1600, 60 millions of immigrants came to the USA. They were jewrs who feld oppression from eastern europe, irish people who escaped famin and poverty, italians because of the poverty in their country and people who came in América to escape to the political and oppression in theirs countries.

Over the years, the united states passed some laws to regulate the immigration like the chinese exclusion in 1982 who stopped chinese immigration during ten years  but also like the law in 1907 that excludes all the people who had mental or physical illness.

Today, the immigration in USA is essentially illegal ; It’s predominantly an mexican immigration which is more controled by Donald Trump. In fact the mexican immigrants have to cross the border to have a chance to live a better life in USA because of the unemploiment and the poverty. Donald Trump predicted to build a wall between an Mexico to reduce the drug dealing.

However, according to him,,it won’t change anything to the economical relation between the two countries.

In conclusion, the first people who immigrate in the world had past difficulties even if american peoàple welcomed them. However, nowaday, the vision of immigration has changed even if people like Donald Trump are against.


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