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Why is the supreme court that much important in the united states?

Fiche : Why is the supreme court that much important in the united states?. Recherche parmi 241 000+ dissertations

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If the case has become such a big deal is also because the supreme court, where Brett Kavanaugh must sit is one of the most important institutions of the united states. It (the supreme court) can decide on major societal issues such as same-sex couples, the authorization to carry firearms and abortions.

So why is the supreme court that much important in the united states?

Actually, Brett Kavanaugh’s post at the supreme court is one of the most prestigious and important in the American’s politics life. Those judges can, in fact, have the power to decide on major societal questions in the federal state that is the united states.

Compared to the French judicial system, the supreme court is like a mix between the “conseil constitutionel” and “conseil d’etat” the highest administrative French jurisdiction. So, the supreme court can decide as a last resort if it is for or against a decision taken by one of the fifties Americans states or the federal government.

The supreme court inspect justice decisions as well as law text or decrees of the white house and declare if they comply with the federal constitution of united states.

The supreme court answered a lot of decisions on societal questions and American civil rights. For example, in 2015 the supreme court estimated that the constitution ensured the right to same-sex couples weeding.

So now let’s get back to the original topic: why did this case became such a big deal?

The supreme court is composed of nine judges named for life. Each one of these judges are named by the president who chose judges that shares the same values and same political thoughts. Those named judges can be confirmed or not by the senate at the end of auditions. This is what Brett Kavanaugh was coming across during his case.

Because in fact to replace former supreme court judge Anthony Kennedy who retired, Brett Kavanaugh was nominated by America’s president Donald trump to play an important role in the supreme court to comfort a majority of republicans, a great advantage for Donald trump.


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