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What is the best relation that should exist between teachers and students ?

TD : What is the best relation that should exist between teachers and students ?. Recherche parmi 250 000+ dissertations

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At the present time and since we’ve entered the twenty first century along with the progress of education a new problem emerged on the surface concerning teachers and students relationship. This relation has become tense. so WHY such a tense relation IN OUR SCHOOLS? AND WHAT IS THE BEST RELATION THAT SHOULD exist BETWEEN TEACHERS AND STUDENTS?

In this essay I will try to know the causes and the consequences of this problem. Nowadays the relation between teachers and students have seen a lot of changes from what was in the past. (talk about what the relationship was like in the past and how it is now talk about the causes of such relation. 1- students do not respect teachers 2- students come ready for trouble not to study 3….. On the other hand, teachers are so authoritative 2- sometimes teachers resort to verbal or physical violence 3-……. Then talk about he solutions which you see more appropriate to have a better relationship)

So, try to follow these steps so that your writing should be organized

Thank you

in each we find fights between students and teachers using bad words sometimes hand fights and maybe the student gets expelled from the school which ruin his life and his future ,as you know school is our second home and it is the place where we spend most of our day so the people that maybe know us better than anyone even our parents sometimes are the teachers the people that we see, talk to, laugh with and even dislike everyday. many students prefer the funny an understanding teachers but ask yourselves if you have teacher who forgive you if you didn't do your home work or you were lazy in the class and he doesn’t encourage and support you to do any work you wont achieve your goal in your life and you will regret for wasting the chance to learn. so most of the teachers prefer being firm and serious and that's why this kind of teachers are very dislikeable and their lessons get so much boring but other teachers who are very open minded avoid that kind of boring lessons so they do some games in the class which are related to the subject that's makes student practise in his class and get rid of his fear from the class stage in front of his classmates. So I think that plays an important role in our development in our character and behaviour.

They help us grow and become a good citizen that’s an important part of our life. if they understand and care about us then we will become better people in the future and believe me there is no teacher in the world want for his students to become ignorant and homeless no they want us to become role models and useful in our society.


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