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Tâche finale: forme de pouvoir

TD : Tâche finale: forme de pouvoir. Recherche parmi 272 000+ dissertations

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                                  The  Power of Money

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The money is  sort of power. Money influenced the political power. For example, in 2005, Donald Trump invited the Clintons to his wedding and he was sure they would come because Donald Trump had given in the past money to the democrates party even they come from tow different parties.

 The power of money have advantage and danger. [pic 2][pic 3]

Dangers:  The money have lot of danger . With money we can buy drug , alcool and lot of bad things. Lot of people are egoists too . Money is the root of evil. Wealthy people influence politic power but not all; that influence religion,  laws. When people are wealthy they think they are superior of other people. When people have people have money they think just about that and they don't look the condition of people in the world. Money can solve problems but not all the problems. There is 7 billion and 20 % control 95% of the total of all wealth. Rich being increases the risk of addiction.


With money, people can help other people who where in difficulties. For example we can help child in Africa by give money to UNICEF. The money is one of the cause of hapiness, respect, confidence, dignity and eventually love.  If money doesn't exist economies will be based on barter. To make money can make people happy, people can buy what they want, when they want. If there is not money the civilizations were not a lot developped. But be wealthy can make people bad.

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Be wealthy it's good but that important to make profit other people to that and no keep all for yourself but give money to people and that important to make care of the risk of the power of money.


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