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Lieu Et Forme De Pouvoir

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The power is a source of political, social and personnal reflection and often revealing of the tensions and conflicts in social groups. Power exercised through various complex relation. Power implies also opposition : how is power limited and how is it resisted ?

This notion can be studied in different ways :

The emblematic institution of power like the white house.It is the residence of the U.S. President, it is in Washington, it was built in 1800 and houses a bunker soutterrain

Then we have the power of the média :

The press is the fourth power because it can have a huge impact on the political life of a country. For , the Watergate scandal in 1972 during the presidential campaign five burglars are stopped in Watargate building, headquarters of the Democratic Party, their goal were to microphones to listen to the Democrat party. Nixon was the leader of this operation

We also have people fighting for their rights. In 1900 we still had a large black population segregation in public places. For example, a black woman Rosa park was boarding a bus stop it was for refusing to give up her seat up for a white. Martin Luther King was a major figure in the struggle for freedom, it is the leader of the civil rights movement, he advocated passive resistance, In 1963 he made a discour, i have a dream, the discour had a lot of impact people in 1964 Martin Luther King received the Nobel Prize for peace.

The power of the united states is very important, it is a supremacy, they have a military but also political power, the U.S. has done a lot of conquest in Africa.

We can conclude that the power has a very high importance in society, power is the source of much conflict


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