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My name’s. i’m 35 and i live in trèbes. trèbes is a city 6 km for from carcassonne. I haven’t got any childrens, and i live with my mother and my father. I’m single.

I’m a student of contunuing vocational training of greta from carcassonne and i m preparing my BTEC national bac pro of secretary because i’m unemployed.i used to work in catering industrie don’t want work in the sector any longer because i didn’t have a family life and social life.

I wan’t to speak of my work experience. For the examen, i worked in the company. I worked in the community from Capendu. Capendu is a small town 15 km from Carcassonne, and the company is managed by the state.

The company has fifty employees, and was built in 1990. The dates of my internship were from two december to january 2014. My work hours were 8 to 12 and 2 to 5 . at 12 i was going to eat with the employees.

The company is big and there are nine offices and a large office of home.

On the first day i visited the company and observed the employees, then i worked. My job consisted in working in the human ressources, the secretariat and accounting.

I recorved in voices, answered on the telephone writing letters on the computers, scanned the documents and made photocopies.

The professionnal tasks were not difficult. Besides, the employees were very nice to me and they taught me a lot and we very patient.

I hope to continue to work in this field sector and to take exams in the public sector.


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