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The idea of progress : how do the English-speaking countries deal with global warming ?

Cours : The idea of progress : how do the English-speaking countries deal with global warming ?. Recherche parmi 296 000+ dissertations

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        I'm going to present the notion of "the idea of progress". To start, Progress is an idea of change, of evolution, of positive transformations. However, there may be progress in different fields, such as for exemple the scientific, technological, social, economic or even medical.

The topic we have decided to address in class is the problem of global warming.

So, here we go to see how the English-speaking countries deal with global warming?

As a first step, w'ill see how do anglophone countries try to raise awareness of this problem? And finally, solutions found with a view to its consequences.

1.        To begin with, we've see that more and more people are starting to take an interest in global warming. Indeed, celebrities as well as anonymous person, are mobilising today to raise awareness of this destructive phenomenon in different ways. In order to make the population Act, it is set up, by people, different awareness campaigns in the form of video or even photos for example like is the case of Greenpeace a protection organization of the environment. However, stars with more influence try also as Leonardo di Caprio to act. The latter in fact, makes a speech about climate change in front the United States where he took the floor to say that it is necessary to react and organise demonstrations in order to consider the problems like a real crisis and finally to make the Government react.

2.        Continuing, if today global warming making more and more reacting, it is that it continues to increase and create damage. In fact, the global warming causes many problems to different countries around de world. Indeed because of the climate change the level of water rising especially because of the melting of the ice and the islands are disappearing bit by bit. In addition, the latter also create weather conditions such as severe drought or extreme climatic phenomena. As a result, global warming will also disrupt ecosystems and cause some species and resources to disappear. Thus, it will also create consequences for man, the global economy and social and health balances. Therefore, to limit the damage that man to himself create he then put in place ways to reduce global warming by limiting emissions and adapting the territories to the effects of climate change but also create eco-districts to live more healthily.


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