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The Idea Of Progress : how artificial intelligence can change the future of humanity ?

Dissertation : The Idea Of Progress : how artificial intelligence can change the future of humanity ?. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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Today, I'm going to talk about the notion "The Idea of Progress". To begin with, I’d like to give a definition of the notion. Progress is a steady evolution towards a better stage. It is thus, the idea that the world can become a better place in terms of technology, politcs or medicine. Progress is defined as any kind of improvement. In order to illustrate this notion, I have chosen to talk about Artificial Intelligence and the pros and cons that comes with this kind of advanced technology.

We may wonder how artificial intelligence can change the future of humanity ?
To treat this problematic, I will first show how AI can improve our lives, and secondly, we will ponder if Artificial Intelligence could become a threat to humanity.

I – AI could help in our daily lives, and coud help humanity

Let’s begin by explaning what Artificial Intelligence is. Also called machine intelligence, is intelligence demonstrated by machines, unlike the natural intelligence displayed by humans and animals. Without a doubt, mankind makes new discoveries every day and Artificial Intelligence is constantly developing and is becoming more and more efficient. I will use my first document to show the benefits technology could have for humanity, using the argument of Mustafa Suleyman. Many believe that AI could help humanity, it is the case of Mustafa Suleyman, a British entrepeneur who works at DeepMind, who believes technology will help tackle some of the world’s biggest problems, including accessing clean water, financial inequality and stock market risks. This is what he claimed, in The Guardian, in 2015. He is overly confident that Artificial Intelligence will not take over the human race as we are the one controlling it. Others also have a positive inclination towards Artificial intelligence, claiming it will take over repetitive and dangerous tasks that humans are faced with everyday.

But what would happen if, artificial intelligence did take over ?
Many believe that AI intelligence will become a threat to the human race, we can include in this list, the amazing Stephen King and the genius that is Ellon Musk. Both believe AI is incredibly dangerous and could lead to the end of the human race as AI takes over.

II – Artificial Intelligence, spell of the human race?

Secondly, it had been said by some of the sharpest minds in today history that Artificial Intelligence will become a threat at some point. I am using the exemple of « I, Robot » an American science fiction action film directed by Alex Proyas. The movie takes place in 2035, a time where humans rely heavily on a huge system of robots, which are programmed to help humans and not harm them in any way. But the worst happen and the robots take over and harm humans. The movie is a good example of what (The dead geniuis, help eva idk how to say when someone passed away but you still wanna use their opinion lmao) Stephen Hawking and Ellon Musk fear. Stephen Hawking was a brilliant scientist (i love him) and always claimed that « the primitive forms of artificial intelligence we already have, have proved very useful. But I think the development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race », neadless to say, he did not think we should continy our pursuit of making robots as smart as us (most of us anyways, that’s why I have a best friend who fix my mistakes). He is joined by Ellon Musk, who believes « We need to be very careful about the advancement of AI » also claimed, in 2016, that humans risk being treated like house pets by artificial intelligence. Indeed, we can wonder what will happen the day AI intelligence become smarter than us.

To conclude, we have seen the pros and cons of Artificial Intelligence by various brilliant minds. AI will undoubetly change the future of humanity, the question resides in if it will be in a good way or bad way. I personally believe that despite all the help such technology could bring, it will also bring a major downfall in mankind. Without going to an extreme, relying too much on technology could really erase the humanity within us, I personally would not want to live in a world where everything is handed to me. Especially not after seeing Rey getting fucked by a robot on PornHub. The porn also showed the possible technical problems machines could have, do we really want to die, from a robotic dick ? I don’t think so.


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