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Idea of progress: how India experienced this change and what were progresses made in the country?

Discours : Idea of progress: how India experienced this change and what were progresses made in the country?. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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Progress is an improvement which brings better social conditions and happiness to mankind. It can be economic, technical medical, geo-political, any domain would to always bring satisfaction to men. People can have various ideas about what progress is. India is typically a nation in which the idea of progress can be controversial.  

We will wonder how India experienced this change and what were progresses made in the country.

We will see first India as traditionalist society, then see that it also a young country with a great ambition. But we will observe that progress has not been effective in all domains.  

  1. India as traditionalist society
  • Under control of an old monarchy

Was part of one of the colonies of United Kingdom

Towards independence

1922: anti-British campaign launched by Gandhi, no violent

Population and economy exploited to the only profit of the British Colonists

Caste system: 4 hereditary classes more outcaste

Division into castes: adopted by Muslim

Discrimination, deeply rooted in mentalities

  • Very religious country

Hinduism, the oldest religion in the world

Has very positive aspects: reincarnation, eternal soul, …

Good deeds during life to get reincarnation will be for better

Second religion: Islam

Christianity: small minority

  1. A young country with a great ambition
  • A very young country

1947: independence

Parliamentary system

President: 5 years

India: poverty/ population/ international conflicts

Affected the country’s stability

Mrs Pratil: President 2007

Partitions between India (Hindu) and Pakistan (Muslim)

  • That to expand economic power

GDP: various sectors overs 20 years reveals: India is a developing country

Specially services

 High tech cities: there is a lot of American and European business

India long way: industries prosperity and development of ICT

Build ultra-modern cities, with skyscrapers and shopping centers

Bangalore is the Silicon Valley of India

Emerging country

It is a high-tech city

  1. An economic progress hasn’t effective in a social matter
  • Demographic evolution emphasizing poverty

Going further: great majority of the population: negative feeling about their life

Struggle and suffer: daily basis

Important discrepancy between poorest and rich

Population growth: after WW2, fast and enormous

Today, India government, try slow down this expansion

Try to stabilize the growth with 2 children

Family policy

  • Also, discrepancy men and women

Dowry tradition, paid by the bride’s family to that of a young husband

Gender gap between girls and boys


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