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The Idea of Progress: is the progress a real step-up or just a source of new problem?

Discours : The Idea of Progress: is the progress a real step-up or just a source of new problem?. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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The Idea of Progress

Today I would like to talk about the notion of the Idea of Progress. To begin with I would like to give a definition of the notion. Progress is a steady revolution to a better state. Nowadays, the world is developing extremely fast. It changes every day, every second. That is why I would like to answer is the progress a real step-up or just a source of new problems.

        Nowadays everything is changing. For the last few centuries the world was completely transformed. We built new cities, developed a lot of new technologies like cars, computers, planes, trains, etc… The progress helped to develop medicine and avoid many hard diseases. Economics are now one of the clue points of our world, and technologies such as internet allow us to check all the information 24/7, wherever you are. Finally the developing of transport helped us to explore the world, and now can permit to work, travel or trade on long distances. but the progress can also be seen as a major problem of the recent world. The world is now living in the era of consumerism and globalization. But these two provoke a lot of problems

        The first major problem is the demographic «boom» which hits the Earth. We’re nearly 8 billion inhabitants. Being humans and living on the era of consumerism each one needs to eat. This leads us to a big problem. Because to feed 8 billion people we to grow a lot. The film «Cowspriracy» made by Kip Andersen is showing what cattle is doing to the planet Because of growing meat we are polluting our own home. We produce more waste by doing that, than all of the humans waste together is less than a 1/10 of the waste produced by cattle. Also water used for cattle is just wasted and over consumed. Finally the biggest problem produced by cattle is the climate change, due to all waste and energy use. Our planet is suffering of global warmth and the perfect example is the melting of Antarctic ice.

        Another Progress problem is the extra fast developing and lifestyle. Mr Carl Honoré in his book «In Praise of Slow» is pointing on the big value of time. Since the begging of knowing how to mesure time, people started to live in a rush. This fast move cases a loose of attention and quality of work. By living in a hurry, we sometimes forget or even don’t see lot of things. Carl Honoré is saying that sometimes we need to take a pause and think, to concentrate on just one task and no many. The quality and pleasure of work will increase if we stop rushing.

        To conclude we can say that The Idea Of Progress, has always grow into humans minds. A lot of projects were successfully realized. But there is always a dark side and this «progress» caused a lot of major problems such as global warming, North and South difference several wars. So we always need to progress in our lives, the point is to do it properly without causing more troubles.


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