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The idea of progress: Is electricity a form of progress for us?

Fiche : The idea of progress: Is electricity a form of progress for us?. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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The idéa of progress

The type of progress we studied are technicals electricity. The progresse is something for a better world, to make the world better, to improve human lives.

We studied five notions which are:

  1. A video            How to make electricity[pic 1]
  2. A class discussion            climate change + global warming[pic 2][pic 3]
  3. A video              How a wind turbine works                   renewable[pic 4]
  4. A newspaper article             offshore wind farm          énergies[pic 5]
  5. A Powerpoint presentation           Hydroelectricity[pic 6]

PB : Is electricity a form of progress for us?

  1. Firstly, we brun coal to produce thermal energy. In the boiler after that the water transforms its self into steam and rises next the steam makes the turbine turn, which makes copper coil rotate inside the magnet in the generator, which produce alternating current to power homes.

  1. The green house gases CO2 absorbe heat. Today There are many people emit CO2, and when we burn petrol in car engines, we emit CO2 too. The temperature is increasing so the ice bergs are meeting in greenland and the north and the south poles. The level of sea/ocean is rising, so there are floods.
  1. Firstly, the wind turns the blades, wich rotate the shaft, which is connect to the gars which accelerate the rotation of the shaft and finally generale electricity. The weather vane detects the direction of the wind and orientated the blades to capture the most wind power.
  1. London Array is an article from a newspaper (a wind farm in the sea)                                         It’s an enormos project which is situaded in the middle of the sea hear town of the ramsgate in the south east of england, not far away form london. Project has powerd fifteen pensent of london’s homes. there intention was to produce 25%.                                                                                                   Ramsgate was a fishing town and a holiday destination for people from london. However, after the london array project started, the people in ramsgate we happy because the employed of the offshore wind farm project spend money in the hotels restaurants and pubs of the town. The fisherman disapprove the project because is complicated to fish since wind farm. The probleme is visibility because of the mist at sea we can use radar on the boats to detect obstacles and to warm the captain with an alarm.
  1. The problems with hydoelectricity for fish are born in the adulte fish migrate to the sea.

The differents dams in to differents contris the united states and scotland. The first dam was situated in the columbia river near seatle. The people aren’t happy because their village is destroyed and they must leave. The people can more, but the churche is maybe very old and beautiful. The fondation is fragile. the water flows six hundred and thirty metres down the tunnel inside the montain and makes the turbine turn and produces electricity for the people of scotland.


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