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Places and forms of power: the tuition fees

Dissertation : Places and forms of power: the tuition fees. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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I'm going to discuss about the notion of place and form of power. I will talk about higher education in UK and in US. Indeed, in this countries, the cost of university is really expensive so in what having a degree in universities in UK or in US are instruments of power ? First, I m going to talk about the tuition fees and after the disagreement between people about that.

Firstly, the tuition fees in college in United States and in United Kingdom are really high. higher education has never been more important but also too expensive.Middle classes can't keep going when the cost of universities is about of 26 thousand dollard. Some student go to university and after pay frequently for the rest of their life .But having a degree is really important, it's power since it could help lead a happier life, have a good job and eventullay have more responsabilities. That why, almost everyone want to go to university even if people get a debt for many years. So, the access to university is really hard for many peole.

Secondly, for or against the rise of tuition fees, they have 2 point of view :

firstly, students will get the feeling of buying their degrees so they may be juged by their wealth not by their skills. On the contrary, other students, are in favour of the rise of tuition fees. this may help reduce the deficit. This 2 point of view shows the power of the money. More you have money, more you can go in the best universities. But they are many students who protest against the rise of universities tuition fees. Like on the streets of London on september four years ago. Degree are really important for students, it represent for them a lot of power, the fact to have studied, the fact to have been in college. It's also a personal satisfaction really high.

To conclude,today, having a degree it's really hard because you need to have a lot of money. That's why when you have a degree you are more powerful.

But everybody should be allowed to go to university as it's a right for all people. But what are the consequences for the students who have a grant ?


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