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Places and forms of power : how empowered are the immigrant?

Discours : Places and forms of power : how empowered are the immigrant?. Recherche parmi 298 000+ dissertations

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I am going to talk about the notion “ places and forms of power”.Power is the ability to control others, events or resources even if there are some oppositions.

My question is: how empowered are the immigrant?

I would like to illustrate the notion with a picture, a text and an item.To answer this question, I am going to speak at first the economic power of the United States then to speak about the cultural power of the migrants

The United States are the first economic power, through the document "ceramic wall" de Leherb. This document represents a ceramic where we can see a woman of color what represents the diversity of the United States.We also see a bottle coca cola  what is a famous mark of the United States. Is present a television with the icon Monroe. With all these elements, we see that the United States have a strong economic power.

The United States have a lot of influence with their economy leaves their marks for example,a lot of people come to work in the United States because there is a lot of possibility and it is what likes the American economy the first place.

But this economic power comes from a very strong political power, as is known the new president Donald Trump wants that the country of the United States is the first one at the world level in the political, cultural and economic.

Through an item " they take will me too ", in that this we learn that Donald Trump wants to make a law with reference to Mexicans.He would like that Mexicans do not come to live any more in the United States, he wants to ensure that to transfer  the Mexican parents who live illegally in the United States even if they have children having the American nationality. But the economic power of the United States comes from its diversity.

In fact,the United States are occupied by various religions, cultural.But this diversity results from migrants of various generations. As can be seen on the ceramic wall, we see a woman of color, she can very well represent a migrant woman or an American girl of immigrants and this woman represents an emblem of the American economy.

moreover we studied a text "why of immigrant children doh better in school" where we learn that the childrens of  immigrants have an easier time at the school because often they are children having the American nationality or not with parents who migrated in the United States.They have advantages because they have different cultures and can distance themselves at the school.

Thanks to these successes at school, these children are going to have of good job and what helps the United States has to keep their economic power.

However the immigrants have difficulty becoming integrated in the United States and obtaining the American nationality.

To conclude, little by little the immigrants try to have a place in the United States but many of these people try to have the green card but it is very difficult.The US uses their influence and money to control the large influx of immigrants. Whether for European migrants that they select according to their state of health or the Mexican to avoid the overpopulation and the drug trafficking.
I think usa have wrong to limit access to america because allow people to have a better life. 


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