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Myths and heroes - to what extent does the environment need heroes?

Fiche : Myths and heroes - to what extent does the environment need heroes?. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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Let me start with a quick definition of the notion : heroes are brave people, they are inspiring and have accomplished things to make the world a better place. Heroes are admirable for what they have done and what they believe in. Myths are unreal stories. They don’t exist and you can believe or not in those stories (it’s your choice). We hear many things about climate change, everyone has his point of view, more or less realistic.

We can wonder to what extent does the environment need heroes ? I’m going to focus on three different documents to answer to that question : a report of TIME about environmental heroes, a video of AJ+ about African environmental heroes, and the song “Dear Future Generations” by Prince EA, an activist.

First of all, I will describe why the Earth isn't doing fine and then, I will be talking about some eco-warriors.


► With the special report of “Heroes of the Environment” by an American famous magazine TIME :

The future seems “dark and doomed” → it’s at stake if things don’t move

Scientists raise the alarm over the consequences of climate changes intensifies → greenhouse-gas emissions increase, “we overrun the Earth” by being everywhere, distributing plants and animals. We are using natural resources way too much and we are threatening the stability of our ecosystem. We are making our planet unlivable

► “Dear Future Generations”, a song by Prince EA, that also describes the destruction of the planet, which has been sacrificed for the benefit of the money :

“the Amazon Desert once called the Amazon Rainforest” → we cut and burnt them and in the last 100 years, 50% of all the trees in the world are gone. Every minute, the area of 40 football fields are destroyed

There are endangered species

The rise of sea level and the Arctic ice is melting

These problems have an impact on us : “homes are washed away”, or kids are “forced to wear pollution masks just to go to school”


► The article of TIME says that climate change makes us feel powerless because we can’t solve or stop it. But instead of saying that this battle is unwinnable ; we should instead see that there are solutions. If we really choose to try to make the world better, this challenge, climate change won’t be a hopeless cause. They give examples of people who choose hope and who decided to act :

Celebrity Arnold Schwarzenegger, the green Governor of California

Balbir Singh Seechewal, the Sikh who cleans the polluted rivers of India

These heroes of the environment can’t save it alone, and so if we want make a real change, then, we have to choose to act.

► The song of Prince EA is powerful and realistic. He apologizes to the next generations for the way the Earth is, a “mess”. He explains that we were just “too caught up in our own doings to do something”, “we listened to people who made excuses to do nothing”. He describes


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