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Myths et heroes: to what extent can we consider a hero as one?

Dissertation : Myths et heroes: to what extent can we consider a hero as one?. Recherche parmi 294 000+ dissertations

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Before we can determine wether or not a person can be considered as a hero, it is necessary to weigh the pros and cons of their personnality and actions in order to make any decision.

That’s why we should ask ourselves :

To what extent can we consider a hero as one ?

After having presented the the idea of an « hero » and its limits, it will be about describing what are anti-heroes.


  1. Heroes
  • Def : What is a hero ?  

>> Main protagonist in a myth. They embody the values in the story.

>> Two types :

       - Common people who become heroes without looking for it by achieving heroic deeds. The carnegies heroes are people under no obligation to act who take risks to save the life of another human being. Those heroes have a slefless humanity and are rewarded by Carnegie foundation. Andrew carnegie was an immigrant who climbed up the social category and put all his fortun in trust founds to help people. Protecting and saving people is a main charasteristic of being a hero.

  • Protectors who protect and save helpless people

>> become a source of hope and inspiration

ex : LINDBERGH the first transatlantic pilot in the American air forces, or WAR VETERANS

However these heroes have negative aspects. Indeed, Lindergh is what we can call a fallen heroe. He was one for a while, but after his baby was kidnapped and killed, he moved to germany where he was very involved with the Nazi Germany. And for this is involvement in cannot be considered as a hero anymore.

On the other hand, war veterans bring a debate, Are they heroes ? or failed heroes ?

Indeed, those soldiers who fought for the nation and for what they thought was right face a huge rejection from people. Wars, as Vietnam war, or Iraq have a controversial aspect, that’s why soldiers aren’t always seen as heroes despite their heroic acts.

  1. Anti-heroes


1 = usually a fictionnal charactr who lacks conventional heroic qualities

 flawed heroes

characteristics : 

       - imperfections in their personnality

such as Sherlock holmes and his feeling of superiority

  • lack of + qualities as empathy for Dexter who kills with no feeling
  • ones belonging to villain as amorality for Severus Snape from HP

2 = real life anti heroes : person who accomplish great things or try to at least but use controversial means

ex : Pussy riot, a group of feminists risk taking to defend their ideas

BUT get into troubles (jail)

or Che Guevarra : figure of cuban revolution + fought for human right

BUT responsible of the death of a lot of people, seen as a villain for his last acts.

    - they can still be seen in an heroic way

→ Their goal make them as heroes

Even if their personnality aren’t perfect, we forgive them because we see them as heroes


Nowadays I think most of us prefer anti heroes as we feel closer to them since they also have controversial aspect, which allow us to identify in a better way to their characters and actions. I also think traditionnal heroes may represent a fantastic aspect of heroism, far away from our actual realities.


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