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Spaces and exchanges: to what extent does globalisation entails consequeèces that can impact on lives positively or negatively?

Fiche : Spaces and exchanges: to what extent does globalisation entails consequeèces that can impact on lives positively or negatively?. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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Spaces and Exanges

The notion I’m going to tackle is « Spaces and Exanges ».
Spaces and Exanges deals with the geographical areas that all societies occupy and the interactions between them or between men.  These cultural sociological and economic interactions characterise our modern-world. One of many aspects of this notion is Globalisation. It’s an inevitable phenomenon that brings the world closer through interactions and exchanges. It’s also becoming more important everyday and can be a procesus that can generate challenges.
In order to illustrate this notion i will talk about some good aspects of the globalisations then i will tackle some bad aspects. 

First Globalization can impact our lives postively. The internet which is the more important platform of exanges offers inmeasurables benefits such as faster and easier dissemination of news and informations. People can now coonect with the other side of the world and know what’s happening there in just a few seconds. Moreover the internet offers a space where people can express their opinion and ideas freely with confort. This helped many countries topple dictatorship such as Tunisia or Egypt during the Arab Spring. Furthermore thanks to the developement of transports and communications many form exanges, capital or men are possible.
In addition to this, jobs and factories are nowadays moving from developped to developping countries when the labor force is cheaper and where it can generates more  profits. With the emergence of countries like Brazil and China, it can creat competitions not only between developped countries but also between developped and developping countries.
Although Globalization is able to connect the 4 sides of the planet and offer benefits that weren’t possible before.

It can also have drawback and dire threats on our world.
Considering dialects and traditions, they are on the brink of being worn out, threalned by a way of life that Globalization imposes to us.

International brands such as Macdonald’s or Adidas are ubiquitous, making teenager loose their identity.
Also coutries are victims of this : the Macdonaldisation of societies.
In fact this is a sociological phenomenom that is happening in our society. We can say that Macdonaldisation is the processus of rationalization. It means the substitutions of logically consistent rules for traditionnal ones.
It’s exported all over the world and makes countries loose their identities with the « Americanisation ».
Furthermore it’s true that the internet offers a lot of benefits but the all true familiar worries are still present : children and teeanagers have easy acces to hazardous sites such as pornography.
Moreover middle skill jobs are on the brink of being worn out and starting being replaced by machine. It’s increasing the unemployment rate.

In conclusion, Globalization creates a gap between evelopped and developping countries : the rich becomes richer and the poor becomes poorer.


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