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Myths and heroes : Is there persistence or transformation of the heroes today?

Dissertation : Myths and heroes : Is there persistence or transformation of the heroes today?. Recherche parmi 298 000+ dissertations

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I will present the notion of "myths and heroes." To define what a myth is, I would say it is a fiction story to explain an event or tell the story of a hero. While a hero is a character who has an important role in a story, he embodies values ​​such as honor, service, fame, generosity and has physical and moral qualities.

So I will answer the problem: Is there persistence or transformation of the heroes today?

That's why I selected 3 documents that have been treated in class.

The first is a game of images that present several athletes of our generation. It is about the new types of heroes in our society.

While the second document presents the persistence of traditional heroes. As with the example of Rigoberta Menchu ​​was a revolutionary indigenous woman who fought against the dictatorship and to save her people.

I studied the woman through her biography written by Elizabeth Burgos. Titled "Revolutionary Women." In 1983

Finally, the third document is also a text dealing with Che Guevara.

It represents one of the typical examples of the degradation of past heroes.

All these documents show the evolution of myth and hero through the generations. Indeed, despite the fact that the traditional hero still exists, with the example of Rigoberta Menchú.

Today's society has evolved ... the hero too!

And the new heroes are not the common people who fight for the good of the population, but now, they represent famous people with wealth, fame and success.

I have studied this case through that of athletes who have become mythical figures. They are the best in their categories, they have won many titles or also because they win a fortune!

However, the ancient mythical heroes have suffered from a degradation of their image.

Unfortunately, the image of Che Guevara degrades.

Nowadays numerous people fly their image as if it were a model of justice and rebellion in the face of abuse of power. But they don't know the real life Che's story.

Well, in the middle of all those documents, the one that has caught my attention is the second one, that of Rigoberta Menchu. Indeed, his struggle shows us how brave he was.

I would like to point out that she was a woman, young, poor, Indigenous, thus accumulating weaknesses. And yet, he knew how to make them his strength.

I consider (even) as a modern hero who teaches solidarity and courage to everyone!

To conclude ... Despite the constant evolution of the notion of myth and its heroes;

They have always been models for society.

These iconic people still convey a model of success, wealth and value.

Today, the concept of myths and heroes is not emitted (through) in the same way as before, inevitably, the media is taking over! (He took care)


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