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Mythes et héros: The American Dream, myth of reality?

Fiche : Mythes et héros: The American Dream, myth of reality?. Recherche parmi 257 000+ dissertations

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     Myth and heroes

    My notion is myth and heroes. Heroes is in mythology, a person of superhuman qualities who is admired for his courage. Myth orinally aimed at explaining the origins of humanity and narrating the foundations of a given community. For this notion, my question is « the American dream, myth or reality ? ». First, I will present the story of two brother, Louis and Miguel and second, I will present Anna's story. I will conclude with my opinion on the American Dream.

     « Sinaloa cowboys » is a song by Bruce Springsteen who is tells Miguel and Louis's story. Miguel and Louis Rosales were two Mexican brothers and illegal immigrants. They decided to go California, although their father disapproved, and sneaked into the US. They wanted he find a job to earn money and were attracted to the American dream because they were fed up with being very poor. At the beginning, they worked in the orchards but the working conditions were very hard and they were exploited. So they decided to  cook methamphetamine because it was much more profitable but this was illegal and dangerous. One winter, the shack exploded ans Louis died inside. He was only nineteen years old. Miguel buried his brother at the place where they had hidden their money. This was symbolic for Miguel. Bruce Springsteen wants to show the seamy side of the American Dream. He denounces the tragedies. For this story, this is a myth.

     « Why the caged bird sings » is an article written by Alan Zarembo who is tells Anna's story. Anna is a Mexican alien who sneaked into the US like Miguel and Louis and she also wanted to the American Dream. She left her two children Angel and Misa to their grandmother. Anna wanted to flee poverty and have a better life. At the beginning, she needed money to pay the smuggler and after she earned money thanks to a job although she was undocumented and unskilled. She climbed the social ladder thanks to her determination and her hard work and she earned more and more money. She is a self-made woman. Now Anna has a better life, she is rich and happy and she doesn't want to go back to Mexico and poverty but she hasn't seen her family for 6 years although she sends money to give them a better life too. So we can say that Anna has succeeded (in terms of money) and embodies the American Dream, even if there is a price to pay: she can't see her children anymore.

     Finally, I will talk about what the American Dream is for a great number of people. The American   dream is  a set of ideals in which freedom includes the opportunity for prosperity and success. This is a dream of liberty and justice for all, a dream of adventure, wealth and happiness. This led millions of immigrants to see America as a promised land. The American Dream is the face of the "American way of life". But there are limits to the American Dream, the negative sides, like exploitation. For me, the American dream does exist for some people, it exists for people who believe in it and who are to determited to succeed in the US like Anna.


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