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Myths and Heroes : How important heroes are ?

TD : Myths and Heroes : How important heroes are ?. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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Myths and Heroes

How important heroes are ?

"Being a hero is about the shortest lived profession on earth." Will Rogers (1879-1935)

In this quote, Rogers tell that the heroism is something extremely ephemeral because it depends of the people attraction for your feats and there will be always someone more attractive. The popularity is especially short nowadays with the Internet and the information which is going faster than ever.

First you can see heroes everywhere, there is always a good guy with good intends such as helping the homeless for example and nowadays these guys are put on a pedestal, but in fact nobody cares who they are, because the next day there will be another “hero of the day”. We have to be careful with the Internet, it could be someone who film a false exploit. These persons are doing the right thing for the situation but can we really consider them as heroes, they don’t really change the world or make any difference for you in your life. We can admire their actions but they are not. This is why it is important to make a difference between several kind of heroes.

If we take the antique vision of the heroism a hero is the one who have exceeded the limits of the human condition by his bravery and its actions. Such as Charles Lindbergh who has done the first solitary flight across the ocean, it takes him 33 hours. It means 33 hours without sleeping and without the certainty of the success. So I think we can consider Lindbergh as a hero because even if it has been a long time ago, his exploit is always a tour de force and an amazing leap forward for the aviation. Moreover many people still know his name what he has fulfilled.

Also, a hero makes you feel better, he helps you to go through some difficulties or it releases you from some obstacles. For example children have many heroes trough cartoons or even around them such as their family. Cartoons seem to be only a good entertainment but they are really helping them to construct their personality and to grow up. Because through the stories, there are lessons about life and children can take it easily. The best example that I found is the last Pixar movie Inside out or Vice Versa in French and directed by Pete Docter, this film explains the end of the childhood and the beginning of the teenage years and all the difficulties linked to it.

To conclude, our heroes can change and depends of our age and of our background but we need heroes throughout the life no matter which shape they have, they are important to dream and to always move forward.


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