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Myths and heroes: is there a myth about British characters?

Mémoire : Myths and heroes: is there a myth about British characters?. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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NOTION 3 : Myths and heroes

1.definition :

 I’m going to speak about Myths and Heroes. A myth is a story that has existed for a long time,it belongs to folklore. Myths explain life. A Hero he’s very strong ,he can be also a normal person , display extraordinary qualities and the hero is always admired.

British characters are know all over the world for example Harry potter, Sherlock Holmes.                                                                                  Is there a myth about British characters ?                      

MY first document is a visual document of Alice and Robinson.,They are in the world that isn’t theirs. They are meeting strange creatures or peoples ( the  Chesbire cat or other original and eccentric characters). To cope with such situations , they need to be courageous ,curious and adventurous.                                                                                                                                                   They are the symbols of british traditions : Alice attends a tea party with the mad hatter,for example the doormouse. Robinson is a sailor , indeed they are a people of seafarers.                                                      Their stories have travelled throughout the world and these characters now stand for british culture internationally.There have been many adaptations of their stories. Example of adaptions castaway. Alice represents the literary tradition of nonsense.

My second document is an article entitled  « We, the british »  in the telegraph in july 2005. There is an illustration of Wallace and Gromit , they are two plasticine characters. They having a typically british breakfast, but it’s dog who’s reading the news paper, as he is clever than his master being british means both traditional and eccentric .                                                                                                               Tea is  said to be the only beverage the british like. They are about british. They are said to be eccentric, they are believed to all love their queen.The british seem to be both open-minded and law abiding for example it’s only when one of them lit a cigarette in no smoking zone that someone complained


My last document is a video extract  from  « v for vendetta »  . V adresses to people. People look scared because v has disturbed the tv to pass a message.People are transfixed : they can’t help watching tv. He is laughting at the governement. They is oppresion and the injustice in this country. He says that the country has got problem with the governement. He says the governement is hiding the truth from people .Indeed, in this dystopian story the uk is a dictatorship. V accuses british people of electing a dictator and v wishes to blow up the houses of parlement. Like Guy fawkes had already tryed to do 3 centuries ago.    


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