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George ORWELL biography

Étude de cas : George ORWELL biography. Recherche parmi 298 000+ dissertations

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George ORWELL biography

1. His real name was Eric Arthur Blair.

2. He was born on june 25th 1903 in India.

3. He grow up in England with his sister.

4. His father worked for Britain’s Civil Service

5. He started boarding school in 1911 and he wasn’t popular so he took refuge in books.

6. He didn’t go to university.

7. He went to Myanmar (Burma) and he worked for Indian Imperial police.

8. In 1927, he returned in England.

9. He used these experiences for the creation of 1984.

10. He chosse the pseudonym George Orwell when he published a memoir called « down and out in Paris and London » in 1933.

11. He embraced socialism.

12. He decided to join the Worker Party of Marxist unification in Spain.

13. Between 1936 and 1939, he fought in the Spanish Civil War.

14. The conflict opposed the Nationalist rebels and the Socialist republican government. The fascists and Nazis sided with the Nationalist rebels.

15. He left Spain because he was wounded by a fascist sniper. Then he was declare as a traitor by the communist.

16. His wife and him had to plot their escape to London in secret.

17. During WWII he worked for British Broadcasting Corporation. He was producing propaganda for supporting Brintain.

18. He didn’t like it and as a result it may have influence the Ministry of Truth in 1984.

19. In 1945 he published « Animal Farm », In his story he represented the Russian Revolution and the Communism.

20. In 1945, 1984 was received with critical acclaim.

21. He died in London on January 21st 1950.

22. Since his death, over a dozen collections have appeared.


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