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Dissertation d'anglais Myths and Heroes

Dissertation : Dissertation d'anglais Myths and Heroes. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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Myths and Heroes

A myth can be defined as a traditional story, or as a fiction invented by the men and a hero, someone who inspires people by his noble qualities and his achievements. More precisely, myth represent a theme or a character type embodying an idea and hero represent an object of extreme admiration and devotion. To illustrate the notion « Myths and Heroes », we can study moderns heroes like Steve Jobs or Barack Obama in response of this question. "In what moderns heroes illustrates well the notion of myth and heroes and the limits of that ? "

First let’s see the career of the visionary Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs was an orphan and he was adopted by a lower middle class family. He dropped out from school and he didn’t get graduate from university. He had nothing to succeed, he starts from nothing. He began in a garage with his friend Steve Wozniak and he climbed the social ladder to become one of the best chief executive of his time according to some economists. Steve Jobs revolutionized the world of computers with Apple. He represented the American dream and that's why he was seen as a legend. But that's not everything, many qualities composed his personnality : hard working, showmanship, strategic vision, perfectionism. Jobs succeeded in doing his products feel personal for the customers using his talents and his natural qualities. So, Steve Jobs, trough his very important advertising campaign, was seen as a legend. Steve Jobs was also very criticized, a lot of people considerated him as an infuriating worker with relentless energy by his employement. And, his policy of always looking for reduce the cost of his production to the detriment of a workforce without certificate was also criticized by a lot of NGO. So the idea is that Steve Jobs was an exemple for many people because of his qualities, and the fact that even if he was an heroe, he was also criticized.

Now we will talk about Barack Obama, he was the first black President of the United States, and in the same year he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, he succeed to erased the differences between black and white people in America. Like Steve Jobs, he represent the American dream, borned in a poor family. In fact, his father was born on Kenya and his grand father was a cook for the British. He won the first election easily thanks to black people, who votes on majority and the women. But, at the end of his mandates he lost a part of the trust of his electorate, but at the head of the country, Obama completed foreign policy goals: he ending the war in Iraq, securing nuclear weapons from terrorists and finishing the fight against Al-Qaeda and the Taliban. Moreover, he completed domestic policy goals : insuring health insurance becomes available to all and combating the effects of the recession. Like Steve Jobs, he was very criticized for economy issue. Now almost at the end of his mandates, he failed to eradicate the firearms and the racism problem. But he will stay like a legend, the first black president of the USA .

Finally, Barack Obama and Steve Jobs, are recognized as heroes by their nation because they helped it economically and socially. For me they are very emblematic characters and important for the memory of the United States and the world will remember of they as legends. But regardless if they were heroes or not, they have been critiziced, because with the


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