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Managing your money bts anglais

Cours : Managing your money bts anglais. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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Séquence : Managing your money

Describe what and who you see.

.We can see in the picture, people in the shop buying clothes.

. The image is a shop, there are : clients, items, cashiers who cash customers out.

.This place crowded.

What is your technique to avoid spending too much when you shop ?

My technique to avoid spending too much when i shop is to pay attention a price except if I have a love at the first sight.

Activity 1 : Major currency exchange rates

Observe the picture and match the following currencies with their country or area.

a. Europe • • 1. Euro €

b. United States • • 2. Pound ₤

c. Great Britain • • 3. Swiss franc

d. Switzerland • • 4. Canadian dollar $

e. Canada • • 5. US dollar $

f. Australia • • 6. Yen ¥

g. Japan • • 7. Australian dollar $

Say if the following statements are true or false. Give the right information if it's false.

a • A country’s national money is called its currency.


b • ₤ is the American currency symbol.

Pound is a Great Britain.

c • In English, the currency symbol is always placed before the number.


d • The exchange rate is the amount of one currency that can be bought with another.


e • Today you would get €1.32 for $1.


Activity 2 : At the bank

Listen to the people talking. Circle the verbs you heard.

to pay for to write off debt to lend money

to owe money OUI to borrow OUI to afford OUI

to lose money to earn a better income OUI

to pay off OUI to go bankrupt

Give the French


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