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English presentation on the evolution of the population of rhinos in Africa

Résumé : English presentation on the evolution of the population of rhinos in Africa. Recherche parmi 298 000+ dissertations

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Until the 19th century, rhinos were widely spread across the savannahs of Africa and the rainforests of Asia. Today, 4 of the 5 rhino species are vulnerable or critically endangered. Their horns, now more prized than gold or cocaine, are their curse.

To extract their horns, rhinos are tortured and killed by the hunters who violate them ruthless. Isn’t it monstruous? The worst is that we all stay looking at this situation without acting. This is more than monstruous.

The South African Department of Forestry, has announced that in 2023, 499 rhinos were illegally killed across the country. This figure represents a worrying increase of over 10% against 2022’s poaching losses. 

We have decided not to stay quiet against this extremely shocking situation.

We are making everything we can to save these animals with different methods.  Through ongoing support, strategic interventions and collaborative partnerships, We remain dedicated to supporting rhino conservation efforts, working towards a future where all rhinos thrive in the wild.  We are working tirelessly to protect rhinos on the ground, but to make the necessary impact, the upper echelons of crime networks must be disrupted. All partners involved urgently need more resources to address the threats at this level.”

This is the only way to save this species and stop the torture against them. In this way we are asking you, the BB foundation to help us stop the slaughter by donating to this cause.

If the ressources required for the continuity of our operations aren’t provided in the next months, we would have to close our organization. You are their last chance.


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