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Notion : Lieux Et Formes De Pouvoir

Dissertation : Notion : Lieux Et Formes De Pouvoir. Recherche parmi 294 000+ dissertations

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Locations and forms of power

The notion that I will discuss is locations and foms of power.

Definition : The power is an ability or capacity to do something.

Problèmatique : How the celebrities have the capacity to change something ?

I. Developpement :

I will answer this problem from three documents. The first is about the theme « Goodwill ambaddadors » this is a recording audio. The second was the same theme, however it is a press article about George Clooney. Finally , the last document is a song by James Blunt « No Bravery ».

1 er document :

This autio document « Goodwill ambassadors » is a report dealing with celebrities. Who commit themselves to humanitarian causes. This document answer at the problematique because Leonardo DiCaprio and Angelina Jolie founded the association « Leonardo DiCaprio Fondation » to fight the global warming and Angelina Jolie was worked to the United States to help find solutions to important problem in the world. However, she has donated two milllion dollard to countries in difficulty, the actress is one of the most respected. Two years after opening the association, Leonardo DiCaprio made a film on the environment « The Great Gatsby ».

2e document :

This document is an extract from an article published on April 30, 2009 in the edition of Time 100, that's to say an issue of Time Magazine which appears every year and lists the 100 most popular people during the year. Here, the article deals with George Clooney and was written by Bono, the leader of the Irish Band, U2. Indeed, George Clooney fights against the civil war in Darfur and made a documentary to raise public awareness of the genocide that hit the refion in Southwest Sudan. He is commited and he endorsement people in Darfur but another celebrities don't help another country.

3E document :

James Blunt is an English singer and song writter. He's a cavalry regiment of the British Army in 1999. In his song « No Bravery » written in 2006, he talk about his experience and the horrors of war. He composed this song entirely during his military stay in the Balkans while he was a soldier for NATO deeply inspired by the horrors of Kosovo. No Bravery is not just a protest song against the war, but also on human relationships and how to behave in the face of danger. "It's a fatalistic song, like the rest of the album," explained James Blunt.

II. Conclusion

Celebrities have the ability to change things because they are icons for society. The tendency for society to follow the celebrities in their struggles. They have the power to help others or to denounce events in their own way.


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