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Spaces And Exchanges

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I'm going to talk about the notion Spaces and exchanges. To begin with, I'd like to give a definition of exchange. The different spaces of the world are nowadays more and more connected to each other. The exchanges can appear on many forms: people, trade, information . The internet is linked to this notion as it implies the motion of legal or illegal information. We may wonder if: Internet is he the same space of freedom for all citizens of the world? First of all, i will concentrate on Instead of citizens with internet, and before focusing on Instead of work and policy with Internet Since the creation of the Internet, citizens of the world have seen this new media quickly evolve. Some people did not like that, but other were immediately put on the internet. After a few years, We attend to the creation of social networks. A social network is a way to share photos, post messages and communicate with his knowledge and his family via a website In less than a Decenie, you can count dozens of social networks, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Badoo, MySpace, ... this list is not exaustive. First of all, we studied 4 pictures in classroom. The second picture is a cartoon, we saw thah someone use a facebook logo as a gun to denounce a dictator. Indeed, with the use of facebook, many gouvernement habe been overthrown such as Egypte, Tunisia or Lybia. In some countries, the Internet is very controlled because it represents a real risk for the governement. Why ? Because the people can see what happens in other country. And thus compare their freedom and freedom of democratic countries for example. Internet also allows citizens to denounce social and economical injustice such as we saw in first picture where people occupy wall street for denounce the power of Banks, and on the fourth picture where London is riot, in burn. People protest against unemployement in United-Kingdoms. In other document, we saw that the internet allows people to spy. Indeed, in the texte «The terrible privacy of Maxwell Sim», We are witnessing the story of a man who spy his ex wife by registering on a website for moms . He created a fake identity and begins to talk to his ex-wife by website. Thus internet can be represente risks for citizens because there are a lot of scam on the internet, identity theft or creation of fake identity. Facebook, Twitter and the whole internet is a risk to authoritarian states, where censorship is a solution. But limited solution. How Egypt defies censorship, and why the total cut is unimaginable. Social networks have been the one of the weapons of the revolution in Tunisia . Protesters took pictures with their mobile, tweeted live , which allowed to circulate information quickly, such as on third picture where the crowd protest in street against dictatorship during Arab Sping. Recent events showed that people in the Middle East started their revolution on the net. Dictatorships want internet censorship because internet is a global media, one information published ont the internet can be seen by all, and by everything in the world. Internet is also a way for people living in dictatorships or politically unstable states, to see what happens in other countries. For example, since Arabl Spring, people claim more human right, equality and democracy. Internet can also cause problem at work. Some employees during their working time the past on social networks or internet. The author of "Even if it Enrages your Boss" compares Facebook


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