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Spaces and exchanges

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Spaces and exchanges.

For me, the notion of space and exchanges represent the different information flows or transmission of culture and also the economic flows that travel all around the world thanks to the expansion of Medias and ways of communication. Today, the media have evolved and can get all the information we want in an instant, we can buy things via internet, we even can buy a house with internet. We can ask ourselves what are the new ways of transmitting informations and exchanging?

First of all, music is a means of transmitting ideas or points of view. A lot of singers or bands used music to share their ideas like for example the Beatles with their song Revolution, music is universal so it’s a great way to transmit ideas and protest. Another great advantage of music is the fact that it can hardly be controlled by politic power, its one the best tool to fight against censure.

The press have also evolved, using more and more computers to work so it’s faster and people can get more informations, the democratization of computers in press office resulted in a big increase of the quantity of news that are available in papers, journalist can now found informations on the internet wich help them to found scoop, not always by legal ways.

The most powerful tool to transmit ideas or informations is without any doubt the Internet, today we can found any information we want on Internet, we can learn for example how to play guitar, cook, dance alone without paying lessons just with Internet, it’s a great tool to learn things. It’s also a wonderful tool to transmit informations instantly all around the world because now more and more newspaper have their own website where they can share informations to people all around the world and not just to those who buy the newspaper.

The biggest advantage of Internet is the fact that it doesn’t have any boundries, with forums, websites, people can learn anything at anytime, no matter where they are.

Internet also changed the way people work, a lot of comedians are becoming famous with their podcasts that can be easily watch on the internet without paying

Internet is a great tool that helps a lot of people who have to live far away from their relatives or their family because of work, studies by allowing them to communicate easily with Skype, msn and the social networks that are becoming another very powerful way to communicate informations, mainly twitter because it’s shot messages that anyone can see, it have been used by a lot of people during the revolutions in arab countries to communicate with other countries and give informations about the situation in their country.

Internet also make some jobs more easy like scientist jobs, the scientist can now do research and also distribute the result of their work online , which contributes to increase the efficience of their work,they can do experiences on dangerous sites without being in danger with the help of technologic and wireless tools.

Internet has also revolutionized the way capital is exchanged between countries, nowadays most trade takes place on the internet. The scholarship is now available to all, for example via the Internet.

In conclusion we can see that there are a lot of new means of communication that help people to cancel the difficulties of the distance like Internet and also to inform people and teach


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