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Spaces And Exchanges

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I’m going to talk about the topic Spaces and exchanges. A space is a place, and an exchange is a movement from a place to another. Since ever, humans moved on Earth’s surface to improve their lifes. For instance, the United States were an attractive country where people from the world immigrated.

We can wonder how evolved the immigration in the United States since the XIXth (nineteenth) century? And what is the American attitude towards immigration?

In the first place, I will talk about the immigration in the XIXth century. Then, we will see what it is about nowadays and we focus on the Mexican immigration.


Lost of people would like to improve their quality of life and the American dream was a concept which was one of main motives of immigration. The American dream is an idea in which life could be better and richer for every person who lives in United States, thanks to hard working, and determination.

In this [ainsi] most people immigrated to America such as Europeans: Scandinavians, Dutch, Irishmen, Italians… and Australians, Canadians, Chinese…

They were welcomed in immigration station. So Ellis Island, a station in NY Harbor opened in 1892. Over 12 millions of immigrants entered the US through Ellis Island. And then, a new station placed in San Francisco’s North Bay opened: it is Angel Island, the Guardian of the Western Gate. The newcomers must undergo an inspection: a medical exam and a questioning, and after an average stay, they were free to begin their new life.

This new Americans came from a lot of different origins, so the United State’s identity was born form multiculturalism.

II/ The Mexican immigration in XXIth century

There is a real line cutting Mexico from the United States. In the Mexican side, the city is next to the border whereas the United States side is empty there is only the border patrol’s building.

The relationship between Uncle Sam and Mexicans immigrants is uneasy, indeed, the United States need low-wage workers but they don’t consider them as citizens.


To conclude, immigration since ever is a necessity and a problem for USA. The American’s way of life attract but many immigrants have difficulty integrating into American society.

In my opinion, I think that it is not normal that immigrants are not considered like citizens and are forced to work on the black market, however, the situation is not easy, and it is difficult for the government to find solutions.


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