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Social media has improved human communication

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Social media has improved human communication


In favour

Before social media, we were extremely limited in our means to interact with others and we were limited largely to the people that we knew in-person. So, if you have family or friends in another country, it was extremely difficult to talk with them. Nowadays, you can use Skype for example to see them.

Moreover, before social media, we were waiting a week to get an answer. unless you spoke to people directly, you had no way to get your message across regardless of your freedom of speech. Whereas now, you can interact with them instantly.

Social media networks allow us the opportunity to share opinions with a far wider audience. Indeed, with Twitter for example you can have a lot of news and been informed of what is happening far away from your home.

We are now able to interact with thousand of people all around the world. It can also gather people and improve the communication and creates a community. For example, it was the case with #JeSuisCharlie.


  • Unknowing where our data go, what they do of it

Example of Facebook’s role in Brexit through the illegal use of users datas and the manipulation personalized of people

=Prevent the freedom of thought = stand in the way of a good communication

  • Lot of informations = lot of fake news

Rapidity of information is a great innovation, but nowadays, there’s an amount of it and everyone needs to put in order this mass, which hinder the mondial communication through these platforms

Would be easier and more reliable to communicate with only one source of information

  • Bad utilisation of these platforms, by being mean or too critical

Beginning, they permite to bring people closer by the proximity these apps was given, but now, they are a place without any law, where everybody can say anything

Place of divulgation of revenge, intimidation, bullying… because there’s no censorship

  • Cyber-crime: ID’s usurpation

  • (Instantness, reactivity
  • Spend a lot of time on social medias to be informed well)


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