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Analyse sectorielle : Social media. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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           Social media

Nowadays, most people are hooked to social media. Most people my age are on social media constantly. They use it while walking, while on the bus, when talking with friends and even while driving. Though a lot of people have negative opinions towards social media, I think that it has augmented the way we interact socially and my life would not be the same without it.

First, social media allows me to communicate instantly with anybody I want. If I want to meet up with someone, asks questions about a class, share funny images or just have a conversation, I can now do this from wherever I am if I have an internet connection. In the past, people had to choices: meet in person or talk on the phone. Meeting in person can be hard sometimes and it limits the amount of people you can talk to. Talking on the phone is great, but you can only share words. With the use of social media, I can avoid the hassle of meeting in person and I can be wherever I want. This instant communication is very useful for my social life, my school work and even my job.

Second, social media has improved my work. I do security in clubs. When my bosses need me, they communicate with me through social media. They can instantly share with me the details of the job, the location and any other information. In the past security coordinators had to communicate by phone call and send information slowly by email. I would not be able to find work as much or as easily if I did not have social media.

In conclusion, I have a very positive view of social media. Without I would not be able to communicate or find work as easily as I can. With the constant improving of social media, I think that communication can only get better and better.


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