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Teenagers And Social Media

Étude de cas : Teenagers And Social Media. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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- Here are a lot of assumptions being made here. For one, personal examples do not necessitate a series of similar responses and are do not produce adequate evidence to suggest this phenomenon WILL happen to everyone. Secondly, while it can be agreed upon that Social Networking Sites do in fact distract and take time from other activities, websites themselves do not make choices, people make choices. The biggest assumption being made here is that if these sites exist, they must be used and will always produce the evidence presented here. Unfortunately, that’s just not the case. Solid work here, but check your assumptions.

- Social media was meant to make interacting "easier". By easier, I do not mean it would promote interacting. Think of it this way: When someone comes to you bawling and screaming about a problem, isn't it easier (or cleaner) to comfort them by just typing a few words than putting your arm around them and being sensitive about what you say? It requires less depth, therefore making it the more appealing choice. Studies show that many kids and teenagers choose this option over face-to-face conversations. I am not saying this is an improvement. We should be excited about the relationships we have with other human beings, this is just a negative side of social media. Also observe how the more kids and teens use the internet and social media, the more socially-awkward they become, thus proving said internet and media promote themselves. A recent poll displayed most people use social media because it, "helps shy and lonely people make new friends."


- Some teenagers are obsessed with social networks.

Teenagers who are obsessed to social networks often go online with their phone almost every hour to have their status updated. Some of them even do that during lesson and will affect their studies and eventually fail their examinations.

Teenagers that uses social networks may be get cheat because they are easy prey for scammers as they are ignorant and naive. Reports were shown in newspaper and security measures have been increased.


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